Ooshiba Kensuke
Ooshiba Kensuke
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大柴 健介




Maeno Tomoaki - Masuda Toshiki - Matsuoka Yoshitsugu - Tachibana Shinnosuke - Hitorijime My Hero - Hasekura Asaya - Ooshiba Kensuke - Ooshiba Kousuke - Setagawa Masahiro - Album - Character CD - Opening Theme - Hitorijime Song Collection (Avex Pictures)Matsuoka Yoshitsugu - Tachibana Shinnosuke - Hitorijime My Hero - Hasekura Asaya - Ooshiba Kensuke - Character Song - Single - 2 - Not Only Friend, But Only Love (Avex Pictures)

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Kensuke's childhood friend is Hasekura Asaya and they were very close before Hasekura moved away, later reuniting in high school and becoming a couple. He experienced all things a normal kid would, he had two parents and a very protective older brother.

He and Hasekura have been friends since they were very young, they enjoyed going on adventures and playing, and once got stuck on a mountain together, though his brother eventually came and saved them. The two of them created the book Tales of Bravery, which consisted of all the fun things they did together as children. It's revealed early on that Hasekura had a crush on Kensuke ever since they were kids, and later hinted that Kensuke actually had a crush on Hasekura too when they were kids, however he didn't realize how long his romantic interest in Hasekura had existed until much later on.

Little is shown about their father, though we do know of his existence. His mother has a very kind heart and is very loving.

He and Setagawa Masahiro met when he found a kitten, who was near death in the bushes. Masahiro ended up going to Kensuke's house and they became friends.
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