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Fujibayashi RyouFujibayashi Ryou

Fujibayashi Ryou
Fujibayashi Ryou
Original name
藤林 椋




Clannad - Fujibayashi Kyou - Fujibayashi Ryou - Radio CD - Nagisa to Sanae no Omae ni Hyper Rainbow Vol. 2 (Key Pony Canyon Visual Art's)Fukudahda - Bizen - Clannad - Fujibayashi Kyou - Fujibayashi Ryou - Comics - Doujinshi - Fujibayashi Nado - Fujibayashi Twins After Story (Kensoh Ogawa)

Om Oss

Ryou is Tomoya's classmate and class representative. She is the younger of the Fujibayashi twins. Unlike her older sister, she is timid and doesn’t cook well. Ryou is very keen about fortune telling, but her predictions, while incredibly specific, always manage to be either somewhat skewed or extremely wrong. She aspires to become a nurse.
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