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Oboro Muramasa - Momohime - Dakimakura Cover - Doujin Goods - No.157 (EveningCall, Seiren)Oboro Muramasa - Momohime - Acrylic Keychain - Acrylic Stand - Standing Acrylic Keychain (Flare)


Satou Shouji - Oboro Muramasa - Kongiku - Momohime - Doujinshi - INAZUMA SPECTER (Digital Accel Works)

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One of the playable characters of the game. Described as "The princess of Narukami who has been possessed by a demon". She travels westward in search of Jinkuro's demon blade, which he used to possess her body. She and Jinkuro travel together.

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Momohime is the princess of Narukami and sister to Torahime. She was going to marry Yagyu Yukinojyo but not long before the planned marriage Yukinojyo was attacked by Jinkuro who tried to take his body to replace his own sick one. Momohime protects Yukinojyo but through her intervention Jinkuro accidentially takes over her body. Trapped in her body he at first tries to use her body until he finds a better one, but he needs to get his special blade back to use the soul transfer. Kongiku, having stolen a special mask that can be used to forge Muramasa blades from her fellow Kistune, tries to help Jinkuro and Momohime. They do however not find the sword and serving as a receptor for two souls Momohime's body grows weak. Jinkuro, having grown fond of Momohime tries to find a way to save her. Together they visit important places ranging from heaven to hell.

In the first ending they find no way to save Momohime and Jinkuro ends up offering his own soul to restor Momohime, going to hell in the process. Momohime deciedes to do everything she can to save Jinkuro and goes on a religious pilgrimage, canceling her plans to marry Yukinojyo.

In the second ending Kongiku's theft of the mask is found out by Yuzuruha. She punishes Kongiku by turning her back into a normal fox, while Jinkuro in the body of Momohime battles Yuzuruha's ally Kisuke. They wound each other fataly and Jinkuro decides to fuse his soul to Momohimes in order to save her life. Momohime survives but loses her memory. She is taken in by an elderly couple who name her Oboro. Eventualy she sets out on a journey to find out about her past. Kongiku, now a normal fox, joins her.

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