Fugou Keiji Balance:UNLIMITEDFugou Keiji Balance:UNLIMITED

Fugou Keiji Balance:UNLIMITED
Fugou Keiji Balance:UNLIMITED
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富豪刑事 Balance:UNLIMITED
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The Millionaire Detective - Balance:UNLIMITED


Fugou Keiji Balance:UNLIMITED - Kambe Daisuke - Nendoroid  (#1456) (Orange Rouge)



Om Oss

Kambe Daisuke, the heir to one of the wealthiest families in Japan, works as a detective in the Modern Crime Prevention Task Force (MCPTF), where officers who caused problems in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department are sent as punishment.

Kato Haru, a kindhearted detective, is selected to be Daisuke’s partner. Daisuke judges everything by its monetary value, even human lives. Kato, who believes that there is more to life than money, is disgusted by this behavior.

See how these two disparate personalities come together and bring their unconventional methods to bear, tackling seemingly perfect crimes and unsolvable mysteries!

The anime is based on Yasutaka Tsutsui’s (The Girl Who Leapt Through Time) 1978 mega-hit crime novel, Fugou Keiji (published by Shinchosha). Adapted with a modernized setting and characters the thrilling story features Daisuke, a detective who employs unconventional means to solve crimes.

The anime was created by a dream team featuring Tomohiko Ito (Director), Taku Kishimoto (Series Composition/Screenplay), Keigo Sasaki (Character Design), and CloverWorks (Animation Production).
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