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Monster Collection (Japanese: モンスターコレクション Monster Collection) is a line of collectible Pokémon figures produced by Tomy and later Takara Tomy in Japan. Also known as simply 'Tomy Figures', they are standard PVC models of each Pokémon.

The Hasbro equivalents that were sold worldwide were known as Battle Figures.

The third generation packaging is the only series thus far to be packaged in a box rather than just a blister pack. It contains information on the Pokémon at the side of the box, with the same picture on the other side as well. The number is on the bottom right of the package.

The fourth generation packaging reverts to the previous generation packaging. The top of the packaging is red, with a Poké Ball on the top left. Behind the Pokémon is a white background with a faint background effect. On the left side is a black column with the text 'Pocket Monsters' on it using the background coloring. The number is on a black and white sticker on the front of the box.

The fifth generation packaging is similar to last generation's packaging but yellow. The right side of the packaging is black with a Poké Ball at the side right side of the logo in the middle.


OS Gen 1 - ENTRY #151922
OS Gen 2 - ENTRY #151923
AG Gen 3 - ENTRY #151245
DP Gen 4 - ENTRY #151329
BW Gen 5 - ENTRY #151346
XY Gen 6 - ENTRY #151378
SM Gen 7 - ENTRY #114732
8th Generation Sword & Shield went back to Moncolle and comes in two sizes, MS and ML. www.takaratomy....
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