Puchitto Rock ShooterPuchitto Rock Shooter

Puchitto Rock Shooter
Puchitto Rock Shooter
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Puchitto Rock Shooter - Black ★ Rock Shooter - Cheerful Japan! - Nendoroid  (#180) - Puchitto Support ver. (Good Smile Company)Puchitto Rock Shooter - Black ★ Rock Shooter (Emumaru Plus)Puchitto Rock Shooter - Black ★ Rock Shooter (Emumaru Plus)



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Puchitto Rock Shooter (ぷちっとロックシューター) is an omake free-to-play online browser game based on the Black★Rock Shooter concept, released by Imageepoch exclusively for the Nico Nico Douga website. The overall in-game designs are made by CHANxCO.

Aside from the normal gameplay, players also acquire or unlock items that allow customization of the character's avatar. This allows the player to change to look of the character from its usual look into a wide variety of possible combinations of hairstyles, hair color and clothes.

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