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Endou Aya - Miyano Mamoru - Karneval - Tsukumo - Yogi - Character Song - Vol.2 (Lantis)

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Yogi is a tall young man with messy gold hair and violet eyes. He wears a white allergy patch on his left cheek, and if removed under certain circumstances it causes his hair to change to silver and his alter ego, Silver Yogi, to emerge.

He's mainly seen in a long-sleeved yellow shirt with two red stripes on the left arm, torn in several places. The bottom tears into two long strips that almost touch the ground. He wears green cargo pants and long brown boots that go past his calves.

The prince and sole survivor of a massacre that destroyed his country (Rimuhakka) when he was ten, Kafka scientists implanted Cradle cells into him as an experiment. The only reason Yogi was able become a post-human without turning into a Valga(Varuga was because Yogi's body naturally contained a high concentration of Cradle cells, as Rimuhakku was the origin for natural Cradle cells. Among all people, the royal family had the highest amount of Cradle cells, making them brilliant fighters.

Therefore, the Cradle cells coexisted with Yogi's own cells. It gradually developed a split personality somehow who is known as Silver Yogi. For some time, Yogi was imprisoned in the laboratory alone, and slaughtered all the scientists and wrecked the whole facility after being shown a video of the destruction of his country and his younger sister being flung up in the air by a red tornado. 16 year old Tsukitachi and Hirato on a Circus search and rescue mission managed to find him in the destroyed laboratory among all the corpses, floating in the air, unable to control his powers. At first, Yogi attempted to kill them out of fear but Hirato managed to subdue him. Hirato identified him as Rimuhakku's prince based on the information they had received, and eventually Yogi stopped resisting.

Another theory which may or may not be very important to the development of his alter-ego is the Incura cell within his bracelet- which gives him power. His powers run amok when he doesn't have the "allergy patch" Akari gives him, either because his body loses control of the Valga cells, and/or because he loses control of the Incure cell in his Circus I.D..

Since then, Yogi stayed with Circus and he grew up to be one of second ship's fighters.
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