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Endou Aya - Miyano Mamoru - Karneval - Tsukumo - Yogi - Character Song - Vol.2 (Lantis)

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Tsukumo (ツクモ Tsukumo?) is a Circus Second Ship's Fighter and Hirato's subordinate.

Tsukumo hails from one of the five strongest countries in the nation. It's been indicated that she'd known Hirato prior to her entrance to Circus, having been saved by him at one point or another when she was very little.

Tsukumo is highly down to earth, and has proved her dedication on numerous occasions. She's the most level-headed of the group, and tries to be the shoulder to lean on, though she has difficulty understanding the emotions of others (i.e. Jiki 's affections, Kiichi's one-sided rivalry) and seems to be slightly emotionless. Iva acts with the emotions that Tsukumo seems to lack as well as her own, hence her very strong personality and opinions. She acts as the surrogate elder sister to Nai in a way like Iva does to her, and she cares highly for the well being of all Circus members.She is compassionate, and is determined to save the people she encounters, unlike Kiichi and Jiki.

It's hinted that she possesses possible feelings for Hirato, whom she works under as his subordinate. At the very least, she displays signs of a hero-worship complex for him, and believes everything he wants her to.
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