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Arthur Pendragon
Arthur Pendragon
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Archetype Saber
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King Arthur
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Conceptualized during the first incomplete draft of Fate/stay night. During development it was decided that what was written was a poor fit for the target audience so Kinoko Nasu completely redesigned his character which would become the Saber of the visual novel. The remaining similarities between him and Artoria is the legend of King Arthur serving as a base and their color scheme.

PrototypeHideIn the events of Fate/Prototype, Arthur is the servant of Ayaka Sajyou. Much of the story plays out similarly to the visual novel. He will be summoned in time to save Ayaka from Cu Chulainn, having an Alter form upon corruption, developing feelings for his master and having a similar wish for salvation for the Grail. Unlike Artoria he is aware of the Grail's true nature and he will have a rivalry with Gilgamesh. Both for the affections of Ayaka and the rank of best servant.

Fragments of Blue and SilverHideDuring the prequel events of the light novel Arthur is summoned by Manaka Sajyou to participate in the Holy Grail War of 1991.

Grand OrderHideIntroduced for summoning during the Chaldea Boys Collection 2017
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