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Hashida Itaru
Hashida Itaru
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橋田 至
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Steins;Gate Movie Fukaryouiki no Dejavu - Hashida Itaru - Chibi Kyun-Chara - Ichiban Kuji - Ichiban Kuji Steins;Gate Movie Fukaryouiki no Dejavu - Secret (Banpresto)Steins;Gate - Hashida Itaru (MMD)



Seki Tomokazu - Steins;Gate - Hashida Itaru - Single - Audio Series Lobo Man Number 003 (5pb. Records)

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First year student in Tokyo Denki University. Pro-active otaku, who's got a thing for both 2-D and 3-D girls. Talks quite a lot, and uses @ch (a spinoff of 2ch) terminology. Plenty of statements he makes could be taken as sexual harassment. He and Rintarou have known each other since high school. Usually turns down Rintarou's ridiculous requests as "annoying", but in truth gets them done in proper order. However, he trusts Rintarou as a friend. Has great confidence in his programming and hacking abilities (he doesn't mind being called a Super Hacker, but doesn't like it when people call him Super Haker). He's always in front of the computer.

Has the nickname "Daru" (ダル), abbreviated after his name.

View spoilerHide spoilerIt was later revealed in the series that he is Suzuha's father, pointed out by Mayuri.

In the future of the Alpha world line, he and Okabe became the founders of the resistance against SERN's rule (in the side story "The Far Valhalla", it's revealed that SERN released them after their capture so that they could found the resistance, thus completing the cycle of fate). He met his wife, a cosplayer named Amane Yuki, in the Winter Comiket after returning from SERN's headquarter in France. After Okabe was killed in 2025, he continued with the research of the time machine and invented one in 2036. After that, he was assassinated. His time machine is what Suzuha used to travel to the past, but as it was incomplete (unlike the time machine Kurisu made in 2034), it couldn't be used to travel to the future.
Japan's #1 Collector Toy Company

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