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Mushi-shi - Ginko (Medicom Toy)Mushi-shi - Ginko (Medicom Toy)

Mushi-shi - Ginko (Medicom Toy)
Skala & Dimensjoner
H=80mm (3.12in)
11/29/2006 As Limited + Exclusive
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Mushishi (Mushi-shi) Tokubetsu Henshu - Mushino Orai [w/ Figure, Limited Edition]
DVD release of the digest version of anime series "Mushishi" broadcast on BS Fuji May 7, 2006. Includes bonus fan-oriented content with audio commentary, footage from the advanced screening, photo/video compilation, and more. Limited Edition includes three post cards, special "Mushishi Ginko" figure, and makeup style case.


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Got him off Manda for 600y, really nice little figure imo. Dusty as heck though, but he washed up. When I get my display cases set up again I'll take photos :)
1 år siden
Kelseydelallave (눈‸눈)
Finally my beautiful son!! I have wanted him for so long! I wished so badly for a new figure with that last season ;n; oh well maybe one day I will scour the earth and find the RAH lol
2 år siden
Just received mine from Solaris. While not 1/8" scale it is not the microscopic figure it has been described as. 1/10" or 1/11" is probably accurate. Previously Seika said they got this "set" for 4500 yen which is a steal when localized to CAD for me, taxed and shipped I paid just under 7000 or 62CAD. That said the localized SAVE version of the first season of Mushishi here is 30 CAD considering this you could say I paid 32 dollars for Ginko and the extras, a pretty reasonable price!

For under 6000-8000 yen this is good for those that LOVE Mushishi like myself, for someone that enjoyed it aim more for that 4500-5999 mark so as not to be disappointed by the size.
4 år siden
I've uploaded two official pics (it would be super rad if some VIB user could change the main picture and the thumbnail because the current one is kinda small and ugly), some pics I took while I was unboxing the figure and also a comparison picture with ITEM #198656.

As some users before me have said, this figure is veeeeeery tiny. Even if Medicom states that it's a 1/8, it clearly isn't. I would say that is closer to be a 1/11 or even a 1/12 scale. I took a picture with another "fake 1/8" and, even if Natsume itself is probably a 1/10 scale, he looks huuuuge next to Ginko! The pose is nice though, very Ginko-esque, but the paintjob is kinda rough, prize-like (especially on the hair), and there are some dents and the paint is chipped here and there. On the other hand I love how they sculpted and painted the mushis and the smoke of his cig: I think they both turned out great!

That said this is the only pre-painted scale of Ginko available and even if Mushishi has a movie coming out this summer I doubt the series will get new merchandise stuff, let alone a statue. Of course one can always spend an arm and a leg trying to get the 2 rare and expansive RAHs, but yeah that's not my case... So all in all, I'd say that yes, this figure is worth it. For the price I paid (4.500 yen shipped), I'm definitely satisfied with my purchase. If you're a fan of Mushishi's manga or anime and you find this figure for a nice price, I would recommend to get him. Also, consider that the figure comes in a very compact and fancy package made in sturdy cardboard (the dvd box), 3 beautiful postcards, a mini-poster manga and 2 dvds.

I apologize for the wall of text, but I thought my experience could be useful for people that are still on the fence about this figure and don't know if they want it.
4 år siden
myth (4 år siden) #2895592Do you ship in Japan?

We ship from Japan and also ship to Japan.
4 år siden
SolarisJapan (4 år siden) #2886708In stock @ Solaris Japan (¥5,990)

Brand New for ¥5,990
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Do you ship in Japan?
4 år siden
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