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Pocket Monsters - Showers - Poké Doll (Pokémon Center)
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I was really lucky to get a legit one of these 2 years back, and whilst it was very expensive, it was a mint-condition plush that had been kept safely in the seller's storage since release and came with all tags still attached. I'd advise against using eBay or Amazon and try Yahoo! Auctions or the likes because like most pokedolls esp. the eeveelutions, this is heavily bootlegged with legit ones being very rare and very expensive (you can tell if it's a bootleg from incorrect tags and a deformed face).
The real-deal is very well made, has two pink paw-pads on it's back legs, the adorable 'mermaid' tail Vaporeon is known for and of course the wonderful frill and fin-like ears being fun to stroke... and such a boopable nose : D I hope everyone that has this listed as a wishlist has the best of luck finding a non-bootleg version soon!
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