Senran Kagura - Ikaruga - Niitengo (Marvelous Inc., Toy's Works)Senran Kagura - Ikaruga - Niitengo (Marvelous Inc., Toy's Works)¥ Kjøp¥ Kjøp

Senran Kagura - Ikaruga - Niitengo (Marvelous Inc., Toy's Works)
Skala & Dimensjoner
H=65mm (2.54in)
02/28/2013 As Limited + Exclusive
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PSV Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus -Shoujo Tachi no Shoumei- limited edition.


selling! PM me for more info/pics if interested :)
2 år siden
Her cuteness is as difficult to resist as it was to put her together.
3 år siden
Kotoko (ง•̀ᴗ•́)ง
Selling her for $16, shipping included for US buyers. Please PM me if interested.
3 år siden
Mom I'm really out here
Please PM me if you have either katsuragi or the full Hanzo set.
4 år siden
PM if selling ANY Senran Kagura Niitengo
4 år siden
Please PM me if you're selling her!
4 år siden
Would love to have this one. If anyone is willing to sell this single figure (along with possibly Yagyu as well) then please PM me! Thank you!
5 år siden
If anyone is willing to sell sans the original scale figure, please message me~
5 år siden
Somehow I got it in my head that she came with the 1/8 Oppai scale with the squishy boobs. I guess it's a good thing I realized my mistake before I preordered the other one. Now the hunt begins for this one.
6 år siden
Got her today and she is cute xD
6 år siden