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Steins;Gate - Alpaca Commander (Break)
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Noooo it wasn't at WF, I'm thinking that it's cancelled :(
6 år siden
Ugggh, WHEN
6 år siden
aeonblue SHSL Procrastinator
When dammit.
6 år siden
Looks like they made some GKs of Alpaca-man:



I still want PVC ones. :(
7 år siden
My life is incomplete without this.
7 år siden
Soliloquy Bang Bang
Alright if I can just have this, that would be great mmmkay
7 år siden
I need to roll this up into my life.
7 år siden
TheBasarianKaoru7 år siden#1401635This is so totally non-sense, that makes me want to buy it X°°D
But I'm curious, there is someone who played the VN and could kindly explain his origin? *u*

he appears in the anime; rewatch the first episode

edit: here, youtu.be/Vsr-Ui...
7 år siden
This is going to turn into that one really hard to get rare item people will pay hundreds for in a few years lol
7 år siden
Do want.
7 år siden
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