Metroid Prime - Samus Aran - Gravity Suit (First 4 Figures)Metroid Prime - Samus Aran - Gravity Suit (First 4 Figures)¥ Kjøp¥ Kjøp

Metroid Prime - Samus Aran - Gravity Suit (First 4 Figures)
Skala & Dimensjoner
H=200mm (7.8in)
05/2008 As Limited + Exclusive
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Limited at 250 pieces and exclusively available through the First 4 Figures online store.


Ill sell mine for $1,000,000.
9 måneder siden
Hey there,
Anyone interested in selling pls let me know!
3 år siden
Anyone looking to sell? :)
3 år siden
Freckles Don't Lose Your Way!
Looking to buy, please please PLEASE PM me if you're willing to offer!
4 år siden
Wow, only 250...

This is one of those figures I hope F4F just makes an entirely new figure of (since they don't do rereleases).
And because their new thing is to make 1/4 scale statues, it can only be better ;)
4 år siden
if anyone is looking to sell, shoot me a PM! :D
6 år siden
noedel6 år siden#1973442Finally got her in our collection :D so happy

6 år siden
Finally got her in our collection :D so happy
6 år siden
A friend of mine has her, and all our friends are begging him to sell her xD But he won't :p
She's absolutely gorgeous ~
7 år siden
Same as Enkidulga, totally interested in buying.
7 år siden
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