Show By Rock!! - Cyan - 1/1 (Design Co-Co, Gamers)Show By Rock!! - Cyan - 1/1 (Design Co-Co, Gamers)¥ Kjøp¥ Kjøp

Show By Rock!! - Cyan - 1/1 (Design Co-Co, Gamers)
Skala & Dimensjoner
1/1  H=1,600mm (62.4in, 1:1=1.6m)
03/2015 As Limited + Exclusive
¥2,690,000 gjør om til USD
Japansk27,267 treff • 30 kommentarer16 favoriter



¥2,690,000 (no taxes)

Limited to 3 pieces.


WANT i swear to god i wish i could order her
5 måneder siden

Updated Link for informations
11 måneder siden
a great addition to any home
3 år siden
...She's as tall as I am.
3 år siden
Shipping rates for pianos are probably gonna be cheaper.
4 år siden
Whenever they make a smaller version of this, I want it.
4 år siden
letheral5 år siden#3176405me: oh no she's cute
me: oh no she's my size and 30k

4 år siden
Oh, but look, at limited to three pieces, who can imagine the aftermarket prices? I'd need to trade in not just the car, but also the apartment by then.
4 år siden
Well, guess it's time to start a Kickstarter to buy me an anime figure. Think that fits their terms of use?
4 år siden
*Sells car, sells anything worth anything in room even the clothes off my back, maxes credit cards* Woohoo! now I can buy her!!! *credit card bill comes... payment late... 2nd month bill collectors start calling... out of fear I carry her off to a secret isolated location before they attempt to collect the funds due any way they can, 6 months later I'm still hiding living in the middle of a forest out of a hole I dug in the side of a hill (guess I'm a hobbit now...). Well at least I finally got her all to myself... that's the important thing right?! :3
5 år siden
Official anime merchandise


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