Dragon Ball Z : Fukkatsu No "F" - Golden Freezer - Dimension of Dragonball (MegaHouse)Dragon Ball Z : Fukkatsu No "F" - Golden Freezer - Dimension of Dragonball (MegaHouse)¥ Kjøp¥ Kjøp

Dragon Ball Z : Fukkatsu No "F" - Golden Freezer - Dimension of Dragonball (MegaHouse)
Skala & Dimensjoner
H=190mm (7.41in)
09/25/2015 As Limited + Exclusive
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Orders can be placed via Megatrea Online and Premium Bandai from 5th June to Mid July 2015


Pictures review : blog.livedoor.j...
5 år siden
FullmetalPain5 år siden#3108493Any Japanese stores still selling him?
5 år siden
Any Japanese stores still selling him?
5 år siden
Buy now @ Kirin Hobby - $59.74 (Early Bird)
FREE SHIPPING! available with minimum purchase
5 år siden
I went ahead and put in my preorder for this figure. I wasn't going to do it honestly, because I was really disappointed at the glossy paint that they used on this figure. However, I know that this will look much better in person than it does in the pictures so I caved in and bought him. Can't wait to get him! :)
5 år siden
Hmm not gonna lie this actually came out much better than I imagined, I might get it after all hehe. This line is better when they have less clothes lol cause they're not doing a very good job with those.
5 år siden
Indeed. He's too big for the rest of the line, just like the other Freeza final form of this series. Can't understand why Megahouse is following that path now.
Just look how DOD Final Form Freeza looks next to Regular Goku: picture/1295168...

I would say horrible.
5 år siden
He is nice but 190 mm for a Frieza in that collection seems off, He will look too big next to a D.O.D figure. But if you put him next to a Dragon Ball MSP figure he will look as small as he should I guess. Probably won't get him though, the pose is way too static, I know its the same for MSP figures but at least you find these figures at something like 2000 yens. Not almost 7000 yens and none of them are exclusive being prize figures.
5 år siden
I was hoping Gold Frieza would not be limited edition/web exclusive but it looks it is official now. I am going to still try and get him I just hope he is not too expensive.

If he is as expensive as the Itachi Limited Edtion + Exclusive then regrettably i will have to pass
5 år siden
Exclusive anime goods from Japan!


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