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Cancelled? :/
8 måneder siden
9 måneder siden
Please... :')
1 år siden
Jheila Completely helpless
Where is Rin, Aniplex?!?! Where. Is. Rin.

Saber at least got the haregi version! Sakura got a Wafuku version!

You can't just give us such a beautiful design then cancel ;-;
1 år siden
They made all the other girls, but still no Rin, everyday my heart breaks...
1 år siden
bomhat because I'm batman
they cant just make sakura and saber and not to rin... plz aniplex...
1 år siden
BranGor2 år siden#35572982link?

not sure 100 % but she might be cancelled.....:-OOO 2 years and no prototype....its little weird...for me.
2 år siden
As I said I think these two would look fantastic but it's been 2 years now and still nothing :( All the others have been done and released but there's nothing on these, I doubt that there will be any more news on them so off the wishlist they go T_T
2 år siden
I give up. If no news at this point in time, then there won't ever be.
Hopefully I'm wrong, but in the meantime I'm removing this from wishlist.
2 år siden
HarukaHaruno19912 år siden#35493050cancelled...

2 år siden
PVC anime figure store.


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