Persona 3 FES - Koromaru - Metis - Figma  (#085) (Max Factory)Persona 3 FES - Koromaru - Metis - Figma (#085) (Max Factory)¥ Kjøp¥ Kjøp

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Persona 3 FES - Koromaru - Metis - Figma  (#085) (Max Factory)
Skala & Dimensjoner
H=155mm (6.05in)
12/25/2010 As Standard
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Just got her today for my persona collection, really love her look, looks practically spot on from game, first thing to mention is Metis is an old figma and thus uses the old figma joints, for example the hands - instead of having the hands that you can pop off and on a peg attached to a joint in the socket you instead have the older way which is each hand having a peg attached to them and you just straight up pop those into the peg hole in the arm, this does limit articulation but as I said give her a chance she's on an old build. Now in terms of articulation around her whole body its pretty much what you expect from figma, very good!, Although where the shoulder meets her neck you can't get her to move her arm straight up, instead you do have to fiddle around a bit to pose her keep that in mind, she has her visor on her head which is articulated as well as an piece on her arm which can also be moved to make her look more dynamic, her 'skirt' (which has the same design as her visor and arm piece with an almost stain glass look to them, very nice) can also be moved around and out the way for certain poses so don't worry that doesn't get in the way all that much. Her paint job looks great very dark blue colour contrasts well with the gold and white to give her a striking look, also to mention she has translucent plastic attached to her feet so she can stand without the figma stand (being one of the battle androids from the series she has odd shaped feet so normally couldn't stand on her own). Now her accessories she comes with all the figma bits and pieces, the figma bag for storing pieces your not using (I personally recommend using the box, but still nice), also the classic figma stand to assist with dynamic posing, she has her tree of hands including fist hands, relaxed hands, and hand to hold both her weapon accessories, unlike many figma she only has two faces, one 'neutral' face looking off to the left and a happy grin face (they both look spot on in my opinion), so on to the weapons she comes with her staff weapon which looks ridiculously delicate (it's extremely thin so be very very careful with this accessory) as well as her joke weapon which seems to be a bus stop sign, lastly as well as one of the big selling points of this figma is she comes with an figure of the canine member of SEES koromaru, now koromaru doesn't have any articulation he's essentially an accessory Simalar to the recent release of P5 Joker who comes with Morgana as an accessory, but still very nicely detailed and looks great.
All in all I think Metis looks great and I can look past certain limitations considering she's an older figure, and would recommend her to any persona 3/ persona fan.
2 år siden
can I have just koromaru
2 år siden
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