Caligula - μ - Special Figure (FuRyu)Caligula - μ - Special Figure (FuRyu)¥ Kjøp¥ Kjøp

Caligula - μ - Special Figure (FuRyu)
Skala & Dimensjoner
H=170mm (6.63in)
05/2018 As Prize
10/05/2016 As Prize
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She's a pretty cute figure. Everything is quite nice and she fit nicely in her base. My only complaint would be that her base is quite boring considering that she's an idol and the themes of the game. She could have a base themed after her concert stages you see in game or she could have a digihead themed base but her base is simply a plain white circle.
9 måneder siden
3 år siden
Cute. Her design deserves more figures.
4 år siden
Looks pretty good
4 år siden
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4 år siden
caffeine4 år siden#10515730This game looks interesting, I hope it will be localized
Yeah I hope too, I'll be happy even with a digital release, since there's always the japanese retail version for the collection

Anyway, I'm glad to see a prototype of a Caligula figure, I know little about the game, but its character design is really cool, I hope that we'll see some figure by Alter or GSC
4 år siden
This game looks interesting, I hope it will be localized
4 år siden