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Devilman Lady - ~The Extreme Devil~ (Orca Toys)Devilman Lady - ~The Extreme Devil~ (Orca Toys)

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Devilman Lady - ~The Extreme Devil~ (Orca Toys)
Skala & Dimensjoner
H=450mm (17.55in)
06/12/2019 As Standard
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Just like a bunch of other people have commented - mine started leaning in the last week or two. Not super impressed.
2 dager siden
So another update :))) today while I was at work, after weeks of her not leaning anymore, she fell! Right off my shelf, onto the floor and broke in 3 places (both pegs broke off and stuck in the base and her ankle under cuff snapped). This is officially the worst deal of my whole figure collecting life. I'm pretty heartbroken. Hopefully no one else has luck like this with theirs! Make sure you secure her well!!!
1 måned siden
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Mine came two days ago, this was wrong too, I thought it was just my problem, instead I see that we are in the same boat, desperate for a figure of almost 300 euros, in Italy.
1 måned siden
Just an update on the leaning. I ended up putting a big stack of old cards under the front left side of the figure (same side as the lean) to get the illusion of her being center, after many failed attempts to heat and reshape. About once a week, I took a little chunk of the cards out from the stack and it had allowed her to naturally start leaning back to her original (straight) position. Since I last posted, I am proud to say she has been standing up straight with no cards for 1 whole week, which is already a record since she arrived lmao. With Fall and Winter coming, maybe she will be alright for awhile.
1 måned siden
It saddens me to hear of numerous people experiencing leaning. Although mine is not having any such issues, I want to share with everyone a potential solution that worked for another figure I own:
My FOTS Hana figure came with a completely useless and non-functional display method, so I bought this metal support stand which worked like a charm. However, that stand is FAR too short for this Devilman Lady figure. Because she stands so tall with her waist forward, one would need to find a much taller stand, say around 14" tall to the waist, and bend the support wires forward to reach her waist from behind. The beauty of this concept is that you could set her and her pedestal atop the support stand's base to support the stand itself.

I did a quick search, and this is the one I would try first. Although I would try to find one with a smaller base diameter (7" is bit too large), it seems to have just the right height to allow it to be bent forward to her waist. Just know that it likely won't work right out of the box... the stand's wires will require some manual and creative bending to find the best place to support her.

Again, this is just an idea, but it is what I would try first if mine started leaning. Having to keep her stored away in her box due to leaning issues would NEVER be an option for me. She's such a marvel to behold, and I want others to appreciate her as well!
2 måneder siden
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