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Hope she's not canceled :/
9 timer siden
Any news...?
5 dager siden
alter needs to make this figure or cancel it already :|
17 dager siden
22 dager siden
22 dager siden
Put us out of our misery Alter ;-;
1 måned siden
feel like this isn’t happening anymore..........
1 måned siden
This is the only Rem figure I ever need, if it does come out one day while the earth still exists...
3 måneder siden
Jheila Completely helpless
Watch this get made but its mediocre in design and overpriced

Alter its been 3 years. Either pull the switch or knock our socks off
4 måneder siden
parm6 måneder siden#76060854What are the chances this will actually ever be released?

the second season airs in april so there’s a TINY tiny chance she’ll be made, but if we hear nothing by june/july time then i think it’s time to give up
6 måneder siden
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