Berserk - Guts - Puck - Yami no Kemono - Ultimate Premium Masterline  (UPMBR-01) - 1/4 - Kuro no Kenshi (Prime 1 Studio)Berserk - Guts - Puck - Yami no Kemono - Ultimate Premium Masterline (UPMBR-01) - 1/4 - Kuro no Kenshi (Prime 1 Studio)¥ Kjøp¥ Kjøp

Berserk - Guts - Puck - Yami no Kemono - Ultimate Premium Masterline  (UPMBR-01) - 1/4 - Kuro no Kenshi (Prime 1 Studio)
Skala & Dimensjoner
1/4  W=720mm (28.08in)  L=500mm (19.5in)  H=900mm (35.1in, 1:1=3.6m)
01/10/2018 As Limited
01/10/2018 As Limited + Exclusive
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Height with sword down : 732mm

Limitation : regular - 1000 pieces | exclusive - 750 pieces

Exclusive version:
- One alternate exclusive portrait PICTURE #1722175

Orders for the EX Version are available at Prime 1 Studio and via Sideshow Collectibles


In stock @ Solaris Japan (¥218,063)

Brand New for ¥218,063
└ Packed with recycled materials ♻
Selling for $2499 AUD ≈ ¥186,410
Brand new, regular version, can be replenishment
2 måneder siden
Selling my EX, please PM if interested. Checked for damage but never displayed. The Beast has very minor paint rub on the very tip of one of it’s ears. I’m in the UK. Pick up would be ideal.
1 år siden
it seems that no one can get Guts face correct. The portrait looks close only in one portrait but the others look really off. The most accurate one looks like F4F, then prime 1, while the worst being Oniri's, Oniri made it look neat but that's not Guts at all lmao. I want something exactly like the anime not an artist's spin off
1 år siden
Anyone interested in trade from here LIST #8398 for him?
1 år siden
My reg comes Wednesday so pumped :D
2 år siden
Yay I'm so happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !!!!!!!!!!! My Guts Blackswordman Ex Version converted from waitlist to order at Prime 1 website, Thank you Prime 1 ! I'm ready for this beast !
2 år siden
I forgot how hard waiting + seeing the pics of other owners can be... I feel like a newby collector once again! And that is not bad as long as I can keep controlling my spending habits :P xD
2 år siden
Fishcaek-Chan Super Waifu Fun time
My most expensive figure to date, but I'm so SO excited to get him!♡♡
Guts figures aren't easy to come by, so I'm holding onto hope that he'll be amazing!
2 år siden
Your source for old and rare figurines!



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