Pullip - Pullip (Line) - Himawari - 1/6 (Groove)Pullip - Pullip (Line) - Himawari - 1/6 (Groove)¥ Kjøp¥ Kjøp

Pullip - Pullip (Line) - Himawari - 1/6 (Groove)
Skala & Dimensjoner
1/6  H=310mm (12.09in, 1:1=1.86m)
03/21/2018 As Standard
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[Set Contents]
-Main doll
-Hair accessory
-Straw hat
-Musical score
-Bracelet x2
-Doll stand
-Profile card


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kind of wish they chose another girl/illustration to choose from. for some reason when i think of junichi nakahara i think bolder colours; especially reds! of course he made plentyyy of lighter/pastel illustrations but idk...would have been nice. still, i really like her!
strange that he isn't listed as the illustrator. guess i'll do it then!;)
edit: honestly nvm. like i really love this doll and i wish i had her. her aesthetic is sooooooo cute and right up my ally. not sure why i felt disappointed by her outfit at first? maybe cause i still crave for those volks dolls collabs that i'll never be able to get?;~; either way i need her lol
2 år siden
Eh still not sure how I feel about Himawari just yet but PS opened preorders for her finally www.pullipstyle...
2 år siden
What are these black dots in front of her mouth... :(
2 år siden
Welcome to Entertainment Hobby Shop JUNGLE!


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