Rinjin ni Kowasareteiku Ore no Tsuma - Takamiya Touka - Character's Selection - 1/4 (BINDing, Native)Rinjin ni Kowasareteiku Ore no Tsuma - Takamiya Touka - Character's Selection - 1/4 (BINDing, Native)¥ Kjøp¥ Kjøp

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Skala & Dimensjoner
1/4  H=280mm (10.92in, 1:1=1.12m)
10/31/2019 As Limited + Exclusive
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5 måneder siden
Selling mine!
6 måneder siden
I'm considering selling mine, shes opened but only to check her sculpt and the accessories so like new CIB. PM me with offers and questions if you're interested
7 måneder siden
Selling new $310 USD + shipping.
8 måneder siden
Hot take: I (generally) like the sculpt. But the accessories leave a lot to be desired.

(Also, someone posted some really awesome, high resolution photos that have since been deleted. I hope those come back!)

The customization options BINDing went for here are interesting in concept, but the execution is lacking. In retrospect some of these were obvious even with the prototype. But at the time I missed them, as it's only after having seen everything in person and with depth perception that you really notice (and then can't un-see) the little things.

Glasses: Sit too far forward on her face. This is due to how they're mounted (more on that in a sec), but the bridge is well forward of her relatively small nose. As a result it all looks rather awkward, because she's wearing glasses that clearly wouldn't be able to stay on; they're pretty much floating in space. And with 1/4 figures being as large as they are, little things like this aren't so little anymore.

Removable hair piece: Since the figure's ears are covered, the designers opted to make part of the figure's head removable (forehead and bangs). The glasses then mount to the inside of this piece via small divots, with the glasses bowing outwards to apply pressure. I've never seen something quite like this, and it seems novel.

However, this means there is a seam along the top of the head between the bangs and the rest of her hair. And at least in the case of my figure, the two pieces don't mate very well, leaving a small but noticeable gap between the pieces when you're looking at the head. Admittedly you're not meant to be looking at the top of the figure's head, but it's also not something that's a problem in most other figures. So if you put her on a bottom shelf or such...

The liquid parts: These bits looked less than appealing in the prototype, and I had been holding out hope the final version would be better. No dice. This is subject to taste, of course, but besides retaining the fully opaque oh-god-do-I-have-BV plastic, it's had some yellow material either mixed in or coated on top. It looks disgusting. ITEM #287156 did a better job here by making the material partially transparent.

But the kicker is that it doesn't even fit right! The entire contraption stands on its own (rather than hanging down), and it's just a bit taller than the figure. So poor Touka balances awkwardly on her pillar of fluids, as the stem wants to bend, but it's just a bit too rigid (and isn't anchored to the figure). Which is especially troublesome since the figure is so top-heavy to start with.

Bra: The design and the coloring of the bra is great. And I love how the designers went with a proper over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder, straps and all, rather than cheating with a strapless design, or removable cups, or a corset, etc. Heck, they even replicated the fact that the bra closes shut from the rear.

But that's the problem< the tabs are along the band of the bra, at the back of the figure, right where the spine indents. My figure didn't even arrive with the bra properly closed, and I've had to resort to tweezers, as there's not enough leverage there with just fingers. There is technically enough "give" in the PVC to make it work, but only just. You need a lot of force to stretch it, which given how soft the PVC is, is a bad idea. Also, I'm pretty sure I caused some really minor paint transfer or other discoloration from trying to pull the bra taut to hook it up.

This, I imagine, is why so many designs don't use a bra in favor of removable cups. Or, barring that, puts the tabs to one side (generally going into the cup). Thankfully, you're probably not going to be showing off the figure with the back directly exposed, but if you do want that bra properly closed. Good luck. In my case I've said the hell with it, and shuffled it so that it looks like the bra is falling off and she's struggling to keep the left side from going the way of the right.

Underwear: Unlike the bra, they didn't make the same mistake here. The tab is on the left side, and while it takes a bit of effort to get on and off since it has to slide through the thigh gap and off the right foot, it works. Also, the coloring is great and matches the bra well.

The one problem here? They decided to be fancy and put a black (plastic) bow on the front of the underwear. Because this is a physical item, it isn't part of the single plastic sheet that the underwear was presumably moulded from. So instead, there is a small tab behind the bow, and a small hole with a matching shape in the underwear to place it in to. Conceptually, the idea is decent. However the tab is very small and all of this is made of soft, flexible PVC. As a result the bow comes off very easily. It's not quite coming off at the first touch, but if you are touching the underwear (adding/removing it, holding the figure, etc), then be prepared for it to pop off.
(The solution, of course, is just to do away with the underwear and go commando. But I digress...)

Fabric pieces: Atpyical for most figures, Touka comes with a fabric apron as well as two fabric arm bands. The former is a customization option for displaying the figure, and I don't think it will surprise anyone that it's polyester (so it's a bit shiny). Meanwhile the arm bands are there to hide the arm joints, rather than going with the usual tropes of long sleeve gloves or colored arm bands right on the model.

All told I like the fabric. It's a bit different to have to move the arm bands around, but then it makes the figure stand out. In fact I almost wish the bra was fabric as well so that it went better with the leggings and arm bands - though I unfortunately doubt they'd be able to do anything nearly as ornate as the PVC bra.

Taking a breather here, thus far it probably sounds like I'm writing this mostly to complain. Admittedly, that is not entirely untrue. But there are also some things I definitely like about the figure once we get to the painting/coloring and the sculpt.

Sculpt: The sculpt is exactly what you'd come to expect from a binding 1/4 scale release. Which is to say that it's great. The original art was for an unrealistically well-endowed woman, and the sculpt delivers on that. It stops just short of being ridiculous, but everything is pleasantly (if not amusingly) exaggerated.

If I had one niggle though, it's the lips. Her lips are not well defined at all; far from being duck lips or the like, they're practically non-existent turtle lips. Not helping matters is the light pink coloring they do use, making it hard to tell if they're lips as much as they're gums. At first glance it almost looks like she's making a weird, toothless smile.

Meanwhile, yes, she is every bit as top-heavy as she looks. I almost dropped the figure just holding it up by the base while writing this post. She's perfectly stable when in position, but you won't want to jostle her around too much afterwards.

Painting/coloring: As with the sculpt, the painting and coloring came out great. The purple hair in particular looks fantastic, as it's a nice, deep shade of the color. It coordinates well with her purple and black undergarments, for obvious reasons.

The body painting and shading hits just the right balance, as well. There's a slight rosy tint to her cheeks, shading along the body and various joints, etc. It's enough to be noticeable but not extreme, which to me seems just right.

One additional note: the designers also colored her vulva. It is a very distinct, very deep pink (bordering on red) color. It's almost a bit much for how pale her skin is, and how abrupt the color edges are.

Overall then, she's not a bad figure. But owing to the issues I mentioned above, she's not a great figure either. To be honest, a lot of this could probably slide by on a smaller, cheaper figure. But for a ¥27,000 figure, Native and BINDing normally set a higher bar for quality. I don't regret buying her, as she's a sight to behold (I love the hair), but I don't expect that she'll be especially popular on the aftermarket.
10 måneder siden
Selling her opened like new at 190 €

10 måneder siden