Azur Lane - Art Book - First Anniversary Art Collection (Square Enix)Azur Lane - Art Book - First Anniversary Art Collection (Square Enix)¥ Kjøp¥ Kjøp

Azur Lane - Art Book - First Anniversary Art Collection (Square Enix)
12/20/2018 As Standard
336 sider, A4
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8 måneder siden
This is my newest artbook (07/02/2019). This is a nice artbook. It features various illustrations of various characters by various artist of some of the most loveliest ladies I've ever seen. There is enough variety to appease almost everyone's tastes here. This is actually the first Azur Lane item I've ever bought. I'm rather certain it will not be the last since I am at heart a figure collector and there are quite a few figures out and coming out based on this franchise that I am interested in. This book actually has some of the art that these figures are based on. This was a excellent purchase for me and I will enjoy flipping through its many pages to stare in wonder at the awesome images inside.
1 år siden
ghostmuffin1 år siden#50991699anyone selling?

CDJapan have it... brand new for an honest price.
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anyone selling?
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