Ookami to Koushinryou - Holo (Ques Q)Ookami to Koushinryou - Holo (Ques Q)¥ Kjøp¥ Kjøp

Ookami to Koushinryou - Holo (Ques Q)
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Scones2 måneder siden#80249235Holo, leave the wheat fields of no-prototype and come with me, dammit.
1 måned siden
Holo, leave the wheat fields of no-prototype and come with me, dammit.
2 måneder siden
please come out best girl
3 måneder siden
I really hope they will make her for real i love Ques Q figures in general and this is my top Waifu
4 måneder siden
YAY!!! Can’t wait to order her!!! *___*
1 år siden
Scones1 år siden#64505687When you spot an announcement on the waifu:
That’s right girl. I see you.

1 år siden
WeevilUnderwood1 år siden#64640951Ques Q is definitely better than Koto lol
I hope so, unfortunately I never had a ques q figure
1 år siden
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
KyoumaHououin1 år siden#64641703Ok, Sorry for misunderstanding

Its ok.. just that people went on about it. Its a matter of opinions anyways and an user asked for it :) but seems ppl are fans of ques q here :p
1 år siden
Chloe-tsundere1 år siden#64638862Gosh it was just an example.. ^^; i just said it depends on which fig you look at but ok take a different one, their takao ;) ITEM #167032
Its a good figure but if i compare it to alter their takao, alter is definitly superior
But yes ques q is not bad.
As said:
It depends on which fig you look at. But neverthless its still not alter quality more kotobukiya.
Leave it at that as its getting offtopic

Ok, Sorry for misunderstanding
1 år siden
Ques Q is definitely better than Koto lol
1 år siden
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