Kommentarer Naruto Shippuuden - Uchiha Itachi - X-tra - 1/10 (Tsume)

  • I'm selling this figure, genuine not bootleg including the box in excellent condition. Can provide pictures. PM me and maybe we can work some deal out!
    2 dager siden
    Looking to sell pm if interested, looking to sell for 130 obo.
    2 måneder siden
    Selling him! PM if interested! And I can also include pics!! Can't make an ad for it yet since I have to wait another week ;-; SOLD
    4 måneder siden
    Really interested in purchasing this, please PM me if you have it!
    7 måneder siden
    Selling mine 35€
    PM me if interested
    10 måneder siden
    Selling at low price.
    Opened but like New.
    Pm me for details.
    Only in the EU.
    1 år siden
    In stock @ Ningen Life
    Be Happy (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑
    ➜ We have free shipping in U.S.
    Order Here
    Selling pm if intrested
    2 år siden
    Selling unopened version in US for $100 plus shipping. PM me to negotiate and for further details.
    2 år siden
    Selling mine PM me
    2 år siden
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