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http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-ML_k9GyTk_E/VoGJeYVCfCI/AAAAAAAAGso/uSWAuA4pwR8/s400/065.gifImportant Please Read:
USA Based
Color Key close InfoConfirmed \\ Part(s) paid \\ Shipping paid \\ Shipped \\ Hold (after part paid for)
Shipping & Payment Info close InfoUSA CommercialClose Domestic CommercialUse this usa zone chart: type in my zip digits "605" and based on the first 3 digits of your zip code it will give you the zone (distance from me)
| International CommercialClose International CommercialCountry Price Group list: Look under the "First-Class Mail Int’l & First-Class Package Int’l Service" column to find your correct price group number

  • Packaging ≤ $1 + PayPal fees will be added to total; if in U.S. you may gift pay to avoid PayPal fees PayPal Info close Info- Paypal US Service Fee: green box + 1¢ since the site doesn't round properly

    - green box link calculation does not apply if paying from a different country as service: fee is 4.4% + $0.30

  • Shipping via USPS 'First Class' (Or as 'Priority' if > 16oz usa | 64oz inter)

  • I will PM your invoice as soon as I can so please be ready to pay

  • Using bubble mailers (3.5x6.5 inside) but if your part/s cannot fit I will use a 6x6x4H box

  • I’m not responsible for lost packages but there is tracking for all via USPS

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Also listed under my Let's Split Nendoroids club thread here: thread/16293
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