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Angel Gate (CinemaScope Version)

Po Toi Island, Hong Kong.

Have you ever seen a panorama milky way? In a night with stars, Akashiya Moka was sitting by the seashore, while the summer milky way was shining brightly in the sky, just like an archway of heaven. Though a red moon is the "official" background for a vampire, I find that starry sky is also wonderful for Moka.

This is a new photo of my Figure × Tilt-Shift photography and a 7-frame panorama photo using my PC-E NIKKOR 24mm f/3.5D ED lens for perspective regulation.

今なら 天使にだってなれる

Image photo for Akino Arai's classic song 「WANNA BE AN ANGEL」, insert song for OVA 「Macross Plus」.

More information about panorama photo, you can check this site: en.wikipedia.or...

flickr explore: www.flickr.com/...


ps: the blue tune in this photo is exactly how a starry night looks in 3100K color temperature.

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Photo of the YEAR.
6 år siden
ceasol6 år siden#2285003Breath taking!!!kidkaito6 år siden#2285044That picture is absolutty amazing Ö__Öchocoman6 år siden#2285181so professional!ifob86 år siden#2285327wooooooooooooow! :DThx!!

NoVmeHorDeniGht6 år siden#2285575窝巢又见奆奆壕作!!!!!!!!赶紧前来欣赏!!!!!!!
话说壕の镜头阵营又扩充啦~~~ 已经入移轴大坑啦???
不过一听到要7张合成顿觉膝盖隐隐作痛…… 真心觉得自己只会LR的后期水平太烂……

6 år siden

话说壕の镜头阵营又扩充啦~~~ 已经入移轴大坑啦???

不过一听到要7张合成顿觉膝盖隐隐作痛…… 真心觉得自己只会LR的后期水平太烂……
6 år siden
wooooooooooooow! :D
6 år siden
so professional!
6 år siden
That picture is absolutty amazing Ö__Ö
6 år siden
Breath taking!!!
6 år siden
neL6 år siden#2284706Your pictures are so amazing (:eskeigh6 år siden#2284768This is absolutely gorgeous. I really wish I could see this in person.ghirahim6 år siden#2284753This is just stunning! Great work ^^Shimakaze6 år siden#2284837this person never fail to impress me with stunning photo and dollfies, now with 1/8 figures, amazing. >< two thumbs up
Thanks again!!
kirchu6 år siden#2284730Dat photography.
You use a Nikon? :D I'm a Nikon user, too.
I'm envious of your night starry photography. <3

Yeah~ My whole family are Nikon users...
arianehk6 år siden#2284894how is this humanly possible? so awesome @_@
This is a kind of photography called panorama. You can check this site for more details about how to produce panorama photos: www.diyphotogra...
6 år siden
how is this humanly possible? so awesome @_@
6 år siden
this person never fail to impress me with stunning photo and dollfies, now with 1/8 figures, amazing. >< two thumbs up
6 år siden