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elagabaluselagabalus5 år siden
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I haven't been able to take a successful pic of this figure since I just don't have the right type of lens at the moment. Please forgive the awkward dof on Albert's hand and the front part of the cape. I have a new lens on the way so I'll try take better, more encompassing photos of it once it arrives.

It sounds like I lucked out since my figure seems to be pretty perfect. There's a tiny mark on Albert's hair that looks like paint transfer. It doesn't really bother me so I don't think I'm going to risk trying to remove it.
It's really lovely and I'm glad I purchased it. I think it's interesting how the count has very detailed irises but Albert's are a glossy black that rely on the lighting to show detail and emotion.
This definitely isn't the figure for a lot of people who prefer a cleaner/more polished look, but I like the roughness and it feels kind or reminiscent of the visual style for the series.

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It's really lovely, definitely my taste.
5 år siden
Shelia ♠ in sword boy hell
Oh wow this brings back memories. I loved Gankutsuou!
5 år siden