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Om dette bildet

「にゃーーーん!!!」 Nico-chan! Yamete yo! nyaa~

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Kommentarer24 kommentarer

Aww, but this is adorable. :)
4 år siden
Cute :3
4 år siden
so cute and funny too xD <3
4 år siden
When I saw this picture ... it's make me happy XD

And for Nico I like the face plate :3
4 år siden
This is like the cutest thing I've seen in months ^~^
4 år siden
awwww *_* :# sweet
4 år siden
Thanks~nyaa everyone for the faves and comments!!! ヾ(*ΦωΦ)۶*:・゚✧
4 år siden
A picture like this makes you feel happy to be alive X'D
4 år siden
Very cute!
4 år siden
MelKeigo Honey Fairy
OMG So cuteee <3
Those pajamas are really useful to make cute shots hhahah XD
4 år siden