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ToyoToyo4 år siden
kotobukiya alter artbook heiwajima_shizuo ascii_media_works durarara!! shueisha altair yu-gi-oh! numakura_toshiaki saitou_fumiki shirahige_tsukuru yami_yuugi takahashi_kazuki narita_ryougo yu-gi-oh!_duel_monsters artfx_j


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    Jun 06, 2016

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I was messing around with exchangeable figure parts & created this monster

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Not at all mate
2 år siden
Terrence Collects scales exclusively
This guy's ready to save you from the shadow realm
4 år siden
Woah, I thought this was like those customs were they cut and glue the figure's head to another body and stuff, but is not and really took me by surprise!
4 år siden
He looks so badass, really suits him.
4 år siden
astarte9524 år siden#11134572This will bea duel of gentleman.

looks more like Kaiba will be beateun up with a street sign lolololol
4 år siden
anime_addicted Beyond Obsession
"Kaiba, what's good!!"
4 år siden
Damn that's creative and classy.
4 år siden
I've never seen something look so good and so bad at the same time. X'D
4 år siden
Thanks for all the comments & favs on this terrible thing :, D
4 år siden
Ooh, so classy. Nice idea :D
4 år siden