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kotobukiya saber type_moon takaya hoshii_miki fate/stay_night konami amami_haruka ayanami_rei black_magician_girl ascii_media_works shueisha original_character ore_no_imouto_ga_konna_ni_kawaii_wake_ga_nai kyuubey evangelion_shin_gekijouban matsumoto_kouei kiyohara_hidemasa gokou_ruri ogasawara_kento khara kaname_madoka murakami_haruhi aniplex nishimura_naoki yami_yuugi fushimi_tsukasa kyoto_animation shaft takahashi_kazuki yu-gi-oh!_duel_monsters girls_und_panzer nishizumi_miho cu-poche the_idolmaster kei_tanaka takanashi_rikka nishizumi_maho bifuru kantai_collection_~kan_colle~ ikazuchi gekijouban_mahou_shoujo_madoka★magica dmm.com kadokawa_games noix_de_rome the_idolm@ster_movie_kagayaki_no_mukougawa_e! chuunibyou_demo_koi_ga_shitai!_ren inada_motoki cu-poche_extra cu-poche_cos nishimaru_yoshihiro ming-chi_chiu cu-poche_friends wonder_festival_2015_[winter] bandai_namco_entertainment_inc. tokura

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This is the latest updated version of PICTURE #1567579

I have made this Cu-poche checklist to keep track of the different sublines that are featured under these toyline
So far there is 5 categories:

A-Regular line: as the name inplies, these are the figures that are widely available for the consumer
B-Friend line: These are for the original characters created by Kotobukiya (and used as model for the promo pics of their accessories and clothing)
C-Limited line: These figures are exclusives for the Kotobuyika online store or some special events where Kotobukiya participates
D-Extra line: This is the line for the extra bodies, accessories and addicional faces for the friends characters
E-Cos line: This line is for the fabric clothing that so far is only available on the Kotobuyika online store or some special events where Kotobukiya participates

If I'm missing something or I'm making some mistake in this explanation, feel free to point it

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