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SevieSevie4 år siden
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    Oct 06, 2016

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Just received Tashigi and made a review of her! She is so cute and hot! *-*

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4 år siden
Foreverzero Bishoujo Hunter
Kind of like when you first spot that plate full of cookies
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4 år siden
Boobies everywhere <3
4 år siden
well done!
4 år siden
Thats an awesome picture and a nice collection of One Piece figures ^_^
Congrats to the award :)
4 år siden
She looks great. I love your reviews :)
4 år siden
SengokuGensui4 år siden#15221433Put Woody in the middle.

That would probably kill him. Haha
4 år siden
Put Woody in the middle.
4 år siden