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October 2016 Loot

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More manga, as usual. This time, the books came from Akadot and June as well as Right Stuf. One of the BL manga from Akadot has a small crease on a back corner, but it would be too much trouble to get it replaced, if I even can at this point. Guess I'll live =P

Finally picked up Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam (also got The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds but sent it back and reordered due to a better price), and got that new Zelda anniversary album from CDJ, complete with shop-exclusive bonus.

Finally, there's a Suruga-ya order which started when I went looking for a certain Snow Miku Sky Town exclusive. Ended up with a different exclusive, three of my most-wanted game soundtracks at decent prices (!!!), and a few other things. Vocaloid Gohan 2 came a little bent, but nothing too bad. Also dealt with a tape residue problem regarding the Wii Fit Plus OST.

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