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    Jul 26, 2017

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Brace yourself wallet
WonFes is COMING !!

Just start my FB Page here :)
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So true! for me OTL
3 år siden
the only acceptable 'WonFes killed my wallet' post
3 år siden
Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
The_ANS3 år siden#23981535Thank you every one.
We will survive this Sunday together!!

If Figma Jeanne ever gets announced, one of y'all gonna have to host my funeral haha
3 år siden
Thank you every one.
We will survive this Sunday together!!
3 år siden
the shocking truth!
3 år siden
Haha~ My wallet is always suffering every month...
3 år siden
Best POTD I've seen in a long time haha love this
3 år siden
This is very accurate Dx My wallet is going to be crying for the rest of the year more than likely. If not the wallet then me, waiting for the figures release date :p
3 år siden
lol, this is pretty accurate.
3 år siden
ninjablde3 år siden#23951506july and the rest of the year.
More like all year long XD

claisolais3 år siden#23955755GUESS WHAT: WF2017 summer is coming up next week. My wallet is scared.
3 days left till nightmare :D

FaytTheCount3 år siden#23956154Very nice picture!! Cant wait to see all the new figures I wont be able to afford but will still get because "you know".
Yes, we all know what you mean because "you know" XD

Valestein33 år siden#23962795LMAO This was me in July when nine of my relatives in the Philippines wanted me to buy Nendoroid Jeanne for them. I need to stop being a good "kuya"...
You are going to stop being a good "kuya" and will get upgrade to be the best "kuya", right? :D
3 år siden
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