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    Aug 31, 2017
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Happy Birthday Miku! (*≧ω≦)ノ
Happy 10th Anniversary!

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Moribundead モリバンデッド
I can't unsee that this is really just heads and arms... o-o
6 måneder siden
TheDeadTexan Perpetual Disappointment
Love this so much
3 år siden
this is so precious !!
3 år siden
Happy birthday Miku !!!!
Sooooo cuuuuute this pic !!!!! <3 :D
3 år siden
Happy Birthday, Miku-chan! To you and to all of your versions!
3 år siden
so cute~~~~ <3

one question, whose faceplate has the ichigodaifuku snowmiku?
3 år siden
The world's top DIVA <3
3 år siden
Happy Birthday Miku! /o/
3 år siden
Love this pic a lot! Is that all your collection?
3 år siden
A perfect picture for Miku's 10th anniversary. <3
3 år siden