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    Sep 19, 2017

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I can feel the power of magic from here , this is very EXPLOSIONNN!!
2 år siden
ptitange232 år siden#26151992Ah ah So fun !!!! x)Bubblepuff2 år siden#26152534haha that's really cute x)Criscokid2 år siden#26158370Awesome!Vash2 år siden#26158471Congrats with POTD ;)Halozilla2 år siden#26159674EXPLOSION!!

Thank you again, everyone :)
2 år siden
2 år siden
Congrats with POTD ;)
2 år siden
2 år siden
haha that's really cute x)
2 år siden
Ah ah So fun !!!! x)
2 år siden
DudeWazap2 år siden#26142608I love this gif and Megumin! I cant wait to get my Megumin in, Had to wait since other orders this month were on backorder.Shayz2 år siden#26144299Oh good, at least someone knows how to properly display this figureLittleMissTina2 år siden#26145242Haha, that's so cool xD

Thank you everyone :)
2 år siden
Haha, that's so cool xD
2 år siden
Oh good, at least someone knows how to properly display this figure
2 år siden
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