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    Apr 04, 2011

Om dette bildet

A new arrival to the (cat)family. He's two weeks old and barely got his eyes open :D

Can't wait to see what kind of devestation will he cause in my room once he has grown a little XD

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This remembers me of Bambi's birth xD
9 år siden
hey nendos! leave the cat alone!! :D:D
9 år siden
So cute !!!

I really want a little cat like you but I can't T_T
9 år siden
Singer_Yuna All along the Watchtower ♪
Awww aaawww aaawww!!
Cuteness overload!

Nah, be careful putting the figures in boxes/display cases just in case. Maybe he never show interest on them ^^
9 år siden
omg... so cute
9 år siden
ZazieDawwwww >w< He looks adorable!!! *u* He's such a lovely colour. Ahh, i wish for a kitten! <33 But they will just end up growing and loose their innocence!! Ahahaha ^o^'

aww, well they will still be attached to you, just get lazier. XD
9 år siden
DAWWWWWWWWW *33333* wanna steal that kitteh
9 år siden
Soooooo Cute!!!!! ^^
9 år siden
Beautiful cat :D <3
9 år siden
So Kawaiiiiii ^_^
9 år siden