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lesser-robot-cat2 år siden#38783696Beautiful work! I love the kimono! So much detail!
Thank you so much!
This kimono parts repainted Nendoroid Tomoe Mami.
She Nendo is beautiful too. :)
2 år siden
Beautiful work! I love the kimono! So much detail!
2 år siden
Lehst2 år siden#28634701holy crap I thought this was legit for min too xDD
like those game+figure bundles

Thank you for your comments! XD
2 år siden
HanaNoNamida2 år siden#28640369It's beautiful!!ptitange232 år siden#28675726Woooow !! She's beautiful !! Good job !!!
Thank you! I'm happy for Yours comments. :)
2 år siden
rubyserpent_7202 år siden#28635161Amazing job! Your custom Miku looks exactly like the image.
How long did it take you? and will you be doing a blog on the process? I'd be fascinated to read about it :)

Thank you for your comments.It took me six month to gather parts.Because the major part of the hair and hair ornament is homemade.
And I can't write a blog,because I'm unused to English sentences.
Comments reply is the extent of my ability. But I'm glad for your comment.;)
2 år siden
atunafish2 år siden#28631746HOLY this custom is absolutely stunning!! I thought for a second that it was an official Nendoroid that I maybe haven't seen it before. Great job <3
Thank you for your comments.
Yes,second Kimono dress seems commodification in process,but I like first better.
2 år siden
frostwonderland2 år siden#28629427すごい!
ありがとう! (*^▽^)ノシ
2 år siden
bellechan2 år siden#28624339wow did you make this custom?? It's so cute!!monkry2 år siden#28628468OMG this is really cool! Would you be interested in making blog for tutorial in coloring that kimono? ; ;)/
Thank you always for your kind comments.
I painted foundations of black and green,and put the naill sticker with cherry blossoms on it on.
Please refer to it. ;)
2 år siden
bellechan2 år siden#28624339wow did you make this custom?? It's so cute!!
Thank you! ;)
2 år siden
Woooow !! She's beautiful !! Good job !!!
2 år siden