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UltimaknightUltimaknight9 år siden
zettai_ryouiki lion blond_hair purple_eyes yellow_eyes high_heels large_breasts thighhighs fishnets flat_chest small_crown red_hair green_eyes brown_hair blue_eyes purple_hair volks punk tall_boots saber_lion dollfie_dream group saber_lily yoko tohsaka_rin fate/stay_night matou_sakura fate/hollow_ataraxia caliburn tengen_toppa_gurren_lagann golden_caliburn excalibur saber_triumphant_excalibur triumphant_excalibur sisters_of_fate fate/unlimited_codes gurren-lagann

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Photo of my 4 lovely girls together =3

Can view more from this set here

Kommentarer9 kommentarer

how lovely they are^^
9 år siden
Thank you UnlimitedCodes, ore-sama, and Kiritsugu
9 år siden
wow, lily looks like a real princess!
9 år siden
Tohsakaaaaa *¬*
9 år siden
Great shot. Saber is lovely looking in that outfit.
9 år siden
xShiroSakuraSuch beautiful dolls :3

Thank you
9 år siden
xShiroSakura Flagship
Such beautiful dolls :3
9 år siden
Strife212Great shot :)

Thanks. Added a link to photo set on Flickr for those who want to see more =3
9 år siden
Strife212 Original Blue
Great shot :)
9 år siden