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    Dec 05, 2018

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Very cute :3
4 måneder siden
This picture is so warm and comforting. Excuse me I need to go call my mom and tell her I'm sorry I chose my doll collection over her
1 år siden
THICCLING Queen's Watchdog's Wife
beautiful setup as always, amy-chan!!<3
1 år siden
Awesome (Puella Magi Madoka Magica is my most favorite anime seeing this is so cool) I love how you put them.
1 år siden
Congratulations for your beautiful collection !! And very good pic ! :D *_*
1 år siden
lovely~!! ♥
1 år siden
I've never really been much into "country style" decor but this has honestly changed my mind and low-key makes me want to redecorate. What a lovely, classy way to display your collection.
1 år siden
I love the way you've got this set up! :D
1 år siden
That's a great Puella Magi Nendoroid collection. It looks really good in a room like that, illuminated and comfy.
1 år siden
Your home has very nice decor! :)
1 år siden