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Went shopping with my mom today, and when I came across these cups, I was immediately drawn to them.. And then my mom was nice enough to gift them, for all my hard work these last couple of weeks~ Lucky~~ :D

Now I want the whole set.. ^_^

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Ah, I totally missed this conversation, sorry xD
But thanks for the enthusiasm, I looove them a lot as well :D

@escape: Yeah, there's really a lot when I checked, even limited editions ones or ones that are already out of print.. But if I continue the set, I'd like to get the ones with Moomin and his parents the most :D The store carried four variations, one of them being Stinky, but don't really like his design for a cup XD

@Kibi: Yes.... you should get them :D:D Cups can be placed anywhere ;q Right now I have the three of them on my desk, but I do plan on using them, it would be a waste not to. The only one I'm planning on not using is the Azunyan cup, sinc I'm too scared it'll get damaged, but the others will be fine.

I found them in a huge departement store over here, that had an entire floor on kitchenware and stuff, and lots of Ittala stuff, so they also stocked these because they were 'iconic' for Finland etc. Good job :D:D
9 år siden
Hahahh xD
Hmmn. They're Finnish design after all. You probably don't see them much in other countries :< ((Where did you find the mugs, desolato?)) 8DD

So you wouldn't use them? since you're talking like that. lol I use almost every cup I own (lol I have nearly 100 of them), there's a few exceptions of course.
9 år siden
Kibi Prisma Kibino
Stop it escape >_< So close before buying some. Never seen them around here, though. I would have no idea where to put them. No room to display cups unless I kick out my figures XD
9 år siden
You can find those almost in every store and market here :P My cousins loves them and I think she has all of them, some of the bowls too www.arabia.fi/w...
Sometimes I'm giving them as a present to my friends etc. since nobody can hate them xDD
9 år siden
Kibi Prisma Kibino
escape_ropeYay the Moomins!
There's so many of them www.arabia.fi/w... Gotta catch 'em all?
OMG <3 I'm not into cup collecting but I want all of them *_* So awesome

Nice find!
9 år siden
Yay the Moomins!
There's so many of them www.arabia.fi/w... Gotta catch 'em all?

I only have that yellow Little My with umbrella. My mom has more though. They're nice but I'm more into these rabbit mugs www.arabia.fi/w... I have some older ones that aren't listed there anymore though. I would love to get the sauna and knitting ones <3
9 år siden
Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!

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