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ShindoWShindoW11 år siden
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    Sep 25, 2009

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My collection of the Lance from Evangelion, featuring many Ayanami Rei figures as well!

From left to right:
Cosplay Prop I made, Official Lance/Arael T-Shirt, Ayanami wallscroll,
a hand-made lance from my gf, official Pen of Longinus, official Paper Knife of Longinus, a little Lilith keychain, End of Evangelion Rei, Constellation ~moon~ Rei, Petit Eva cellphone strap (Rei in Lilith's outfit), Kaiyodo Rei figure, Lance of Longinus Earpick, Mirror Panel Rei, Lance of Longinus Kaiyodo statue, Dark Brigade Rei ~black~, 2 official tarot cards (Heirophant, Strength), Pinky St. Plugsuit vers Rei, Portrait Rei Ayanami, Arael Chromosome XX Rei, Revoltech metallic Unit 00 ~blue~.

As of: September 2009.

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OMG, that is soooo cool! Ayanami fest! A few more and you'll have as much as Gendo had in the LCL chamber as clones!
10 år siden