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My complete K-ON! collection as of 6-8-2011. Includes every GSC K-ON! ever figure released up to this point too (excluding the nendo keychains).

I didn't include the instruments so they could fit in the display boxes I got. Plus, the guitars have a habit of leaving some of the paint on the figure during summertime.

Once the Ui Alter figure ITEM #72251 is released, my K-ON! collection is pretty much done...unless GSC decides to release more :P

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I wish I could get my hands on a Yui Hirasawa figure T_T you're so lucky
8 år siden
very nice collection !!!
9 år siden
Yeah.. ! Nicee ;3
9 år siden
Thanks so much for the comments everyone :)

WolfxZer0Is Yui your main you get for the series?
Yup! I typically only collect K-ON! figures by Good Smile. But when it comes to Yui, I grab anything I can afford :P
9 år siden
Very awesome! =D
9 år siden
Niiccee :3
9 år siden
Very nice K-ON! shrine!
9 år siden
u have a nice K-ON shrine :)
9 år siden
nice K-On Collection ^^ nya~ *thumbs up*
9 år siden
Wow nice shrine! Me = Jelly
9 år siden