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    Jun 19, 2011

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I am from Viet Nam and here we will have an Anime festival and i wished to use your photo as an example of beautiful photoshoots. I will only add it to the presentation if you give permission for us to use it of course(it mean that I will print your photo out and hang it around or give it a way as prize to one of our game show). The presentation is not for profit and is only for fun of introducing more people to the world of figures. Please reply by quoting this comment with yes or no ASAP please!

Thank you very much,
Deptrai Ha
6 år siden
KFC has Miku approval!!!...Go and eat now! xD.
7 år siden
Yes, Miku, stop them!!
8 år siden
I love KFC and Miku! :3
9 år siden
After seeing this picture, I'm getting hungry XD
9 år siden
Fast food is war! lol nice job
9 år siden
Great photo!
9 år siden
9 år siden
stargazer713 the 0th Mirage Knight
I love KFC!!!
9 år siden
Kotatsu No Nitroplus No Life !
xD Very nice ^^
9 år siden
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