happy bday pripara!!!! >w<Collections/

nenechinenechi1 år siden

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its priparas 5th anniversary!!! its my number one anime so heres a bit of my collection!! this isnt everything tho! ive got some more pics on my ig (nursewitch) if ur interested!! ^w^

sorry this isnt the best pic i had to put everything together p quick before leaving!!

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keter Anomalous Precure!
so much pripara! can't believe it's been 5 years already...
1 år siden
at first i thought this is a doll house but then i realised its real and im so jealous now bc it look sooooo adorable!!
1 år siden
Ready! To go! Paradise!
1 år siden
Absolutely amazing collection! I'm jealous (*.*)
1 år siden
coolorange1 år siden#63131388Looks awesome!!
thank u so much!!! ^u^
1 år siden
Looks awesome!!
1 år siden