Bloodborne? An OK game I guess (totally not obsessed with it..)FiguresMy figure folder

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I'm using it as background for my profile!
It is an outdated picture of my bloodborne collection.
It also includes some self made items like a home made hunters plushie (left from the Prime 1 Studio Lady Maria) a home made mini hunter, saw cleaver and messengers (right under the Prime 1 Studio Lady Maria under the official Sony Bloodborne Stubbins plushie), and a custom Bloodborne hardcase for my old broken mobile. (In front of the Bloodborne Old hunters Gecco statue).

I plan on doing another shoot with all of my Bloodborne stuff.
(In the meanwhile I've also collected:
-Bloodborne Gecco Hunter statue puddle of blood version (goodness he is gorgeous..)
-ordered a custom ring with the Hunters Mark on it
-ordered a new Bloodborne cover for my new phone)

Reeealllyy hope Prime 1 Studio ships/finishes the Hunter too so he can be a part of the family soon....;____;

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Milkey2 måneder siden#78031619Amazing Bloodborne collection!
Thank you so much!! :D
Though I must admit this collection is kind of outdated xD. I need to make a new picture but I kind of don't want to move Prime 1 studio Lady Maria and the Hunter again as they are so freaking heavy... :'D
2 måneder siden
Amazing Bloodborne collection!
2 måneder siden