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    Jul 05, 2011

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PICTURE #448015 I updated this chart for you. Thank you for making this AWESOME chart! :)
8 år siden
wow o.o
what an amazing chart
9 år siden
Very usefull, thank you ^^
9 år siden
Nice list there!
9 år siden
Singer_YunaYou've also missed the 154 couple of Toheart2 nendos ^^
It's a pain in the ass making a chart like that because is in continuous evolution... I tried last year to do one with petits, plus etc www.flickr.com/... and it's very tiring the update xD

Thanks for the external link & update info.I like the idea of a petit nendo chart but I don'r see that many collectors are interested in petits.I have pretty much lost my interest in petits.Gutted milky holmes petits were bundled with expensive dvds.Refuse to be ripped off.
9 år siden
Nice chart. I have 24. And three more are already on the way :D
9 år siden
Rolling-GirlWell, I only have 2 xD
And Im not interested in more than 10, I think

But this chart is really awesome!

I vaguely recollect I was only ever gonna collect 10 nendos max
9 år siden
KloikiYou're missing a few.

ITEM #75488

ITEM #75576

ITEM #72340

This site should help too:

Thanks for info and external link
9 år siden
ladyusadaThey're definitely odd looking in comparison to the newer ones. XD It looks like the nendoroid design was kind of experimental until GSC hit their mark with the Haruhi series. Even then, it looks like they wavered a bit until they decided to stick with the cute look.

I got a couple of nendos mid 2009.I thought they were okay but quite expensive for what they were.It was only at the start of 2010 that I began to generally find nendos/petits too tempting.
Prior to this it was only the odd ones like Hatsune Miku and idolmaster petits.
9 år siden
Thanks for all the comments.
I made the chart after seeing a figma chart.I wanted that nendo collectors could also show their collection.
At the time I made the chart it was fairly up to date.
It is a dynamic situation as nendoroids are coming out all the time.Which is why I have put blanks in so users can themselves amend for any updates
9 år siden
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